2008​-​9 [EP]

by LL

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demos and clips from failed songs.


released November 1, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mindhandled (Pre-Ethereality Demo)
You see the same as the others
Know what you want when you take
We step around the main issue
And feed the void of intake
Wash out your mouth and stay high

You seem more disheveled now that you’ve seen what’s been known
Watchers guide and roll their dice they’re laughing as you fall
Proof of inter-dimensional states are sure to come
Say what you want

I am my own god
wujud al-aqdas (the most sacred body)
soma athanaton (the immortal body)

You will die – pretense that we will die
Wrongdoers lies – obvious when we are high
We’re through with lies so tight, no will to rise
You will die for what you are doing to us
Track Name: While We Wait
Go by only what your heart dubs true
Oh while we wait here,
It’s the same old playwright
So my world should outgrow this
Thus regaining stillness
Why do you feel that your prison is the most comfortable place for you
Maybe it’s quite alright when you waste all your life to construct and to strengthen the walls that have blinded you
Run to your heart
Fall to your heart
Run to your heart
Track Name: Good Reasoning (Demo)
I wish away all your control.
A figment wall in which they hide. The facts are all but one big lie.

<Phil Schneider excerpt>
<STS Tether incident excerpt>

You're all like I was - afraid to be.
Look where the eyes live. You'll never need a friend.
Someone, somehow. A bill on some disclosure is what we need now. This concrete mass of things I can't explain. Now I can't feel space and I can't feel time.
And this is everything that represents our fears.
And this is anything that seems to be alive inside of here.
And this is how the truth turned into a lie.
But I can see the sky. I can't believe my eyes.

They look the same. Without that human stain.
We've been kept all the secrets. They'll never let us see. Let's see if we can survive it on the first day of attack.

Channel the world beneath you. Go inward.
Welcome the spirits to you. Don't fear them.
My hidden world awaits you. Come visit.

I'm living proof of what's at stake.
Someone, somehow. A bill on some disclosure is what we need now. Floods of clueless heads must embrace the facts. And as we sit and wait, morons decide our fate.
And here's our government instilling all our fears.
And here's the reason why conspiracies are overlooked out here.
A planet with a veil. Eliminates our eyes.
But I can see the sky. Just when there's no more time.